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In addition to the student agreement, which was signed by all students prior to enrollment, the following general policies apply. 

Enrollment must be completed within one year of first logging on to the course platform. 

After completing the course, or one year, whichever comes first, students will no longer have access to course material. 

Fees and Financial Policy:

1. Course fees are non-refundable in either whole or part.

2. Course enrollment is non-transferrable. 

3. Coaches will have 30 to 45 days to complete each of the 12 modules, however, the course must be completed, including the final exam within one (1) year after initial login to the course system. (Coaches can petition the CCI founder/president for an extension with good cause)

4. Any books required for the course (aside from the handbook) are to be purchased at the student’s own expense and are not included in the course fee.

5. To officially enroll and begin the program coursework, applicants for the CCI Eating Disorder Coaching program must either:

                                               i.     Pay the full tuition fee up front to CCI or

                                             ii.     Enroll in a payment plan through the CCI Pay Pal account and pay for each module as they proceed through the course.  However a $500 administrative fee will be charged to coaching students on the payment plan and to begin the course students must pay the administrative fee and the fee for the first module in their first payment.

6. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before a coach certification will be issued.

7. Paying the tuition amount for another student does not qualify you as a student, unless you also enroll in the program and enter into a student agreement with CCI.

8. CCI is NOT responsible for any financial disputes, disagreement or other issues that may arise between a student and payor.


 If course enrollment is paid on your behalf by someone else (an employer, supervisor, etc.), that person becomes the responsible party.  The responsible party reserves the right to withdraw you from the course, should your employment be terminated, your course performance is poor, or any other reason that the responsible party determines. 


The responsible party must provide written notice to CCI as notification of the student withdrawal. Once the student has begun the course, no refunds are issued if/when a sponsoring party elects to remove a student from the course. Any reimbursement or refund issues are to be settled between the sponsoring party and student. CCI will consider exchanging a student for the one terminated in the rare event where a student has done no or little coursework and needs to be exchanged, but there will be a service charge, determined by CCI, for a new student substitution.

For coaches who are eligible to receive CE hours for the course, click the link below to read the Continuing Education program policies.

 *CE Program Policies*